I’m moving off Medium and now publishing on my personal page -https://hassan.rocks 🌟!

It’s been a while since I’ve created an article or blog post and that’s mostly due to being busy with work and other projects that I’ve been working on. I’ve begun blogging again and have a lot of different things I’m hoping to write about. With that said, I’m moving away from Medium and I’m now publishing on my own blog - https://hassan.rocks 🚀.

My latest blog post, How we created our first web development course - TinyHouse is already up and live there.

If you’d like to stay on top of my writing and up to date with any new post I make, you can join my mailing list as well. You can sign up here.

Hassan Djirdeh

creator @ https://newline.co/tinyhouse // author @ www.fullstack.io/vue // developer @ Shopify

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