I think it’s imperative to spotlight the importance of everyone’s personal responsibility to collaborate and be ready to get out of this health crisis. On one hand, each folk had to suits those measures imposed by the physical distancing and quarantine authority.
We have been within the midst of a pandemic a few times and, although it’s not yet possible to draw conclusions from what went on, I might wish to make some reflections. Within the first place, it seems imperative to me spotlighting the importance that the private responsibility of everyone has acquired during this time to collaborate and be ready to get out of this health crisis. On the one hand, each folk had to suits those measures imposed by the physical distancing and quarantine authority. Today, quite ever, we must all look out of ourselves and remember that “if I look out of myself, I look out of you” and if “you lookout of yourself, you’re taking care of me”.
But also the authorities, politicians from all sectors, journalists, and people who have the capacity to influence citizens, we must contribute hard as a rustic to lower the speed of infection and save lives. As unusual as those that want to travel to the beach on a weekend, attend the supermarket being infected or those that organize parties during curfew, is that former authorities, politicians, and “faces” have begun in defense of these who have violated quarantines or that they still demand or demand measures in health matters, which are undoubtedly complex and need knowledge and expertise that they are doing not have. These decisions must be valued and revered, because they’re made responsibly, after evaluating numerous variables that have got to be considered before making complex decisions.
This pandemic has also had a positive side and is teaching us tons, breaking down myths, like how applicable remote work is and its productivity; showed us that it had been possible to prioritize and order essential purchases; that digital platforms aren’t just for millennials and centennials, but have also become a tool with which many Chileans can work, access health, educate their children and relax within the face of this adverse scenario.
The WHO recently explained that the stage we are approaching isn’t a return to reality that we had before, but rather focuses “on maintaining epidemiological surveillance, diagnostic tests, in short, a series of actions to realize that subsequent waves are often controlled. Along equivalent lines, he points out that it’s necessary to start in touch in mind that we’ll have a “new post-COVID-19 world economy”, marked by a serious recession which will translate into famine, lack of medicines, medical aid, a big drop by the quality of life, unemployment, among others.
From my point of view, no matter the date and therefore the way during which we resume life, this unprecedented pandemic will leave its mark. it’ll be interesting to ascertain if buyers will reconsider their habits and priorities, on the opposite hand, the emergency measures imposed on companies are forcing us to ask questions like “do we like an outsized office space within the city with staff that depends upon saturated public transport? …

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It is an alternative therapy, which addresses the patient as a whole to understand the cause of the ailment and thus treat it from different approaches. Osteopathy works with signs, observing the patient in her entirety.

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a therapy that emerged at the end of the 19th century and arrived in the early 1990s. Andrew Taylor Still, its creator, was based on the fact that diseases are due to an alteration in the structure of the organ, muscle, bone or other tissues. …

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