Activity: Leveraging your network and exploring careers through Informational Interviews

I called one of my senior, Farhan Khalid, who had completed the degree of Biomedical Engineering. Before calling him I texted him whether he was busy or not. After confirmation that he was not busy I called him and greeted him and I asked about how his job is going on and then started interrogating him a set of questions . I am really interested in radiology department i.e. X-ray, Ultrasound and CT Scan machines.

So firstly, I asked him whether there is scope and opportunity in radiology sector. He then told me the pros and cons of this sector. Firstly, he said that those who are expert in radiology gets high pay and then he told that it is dangerous as the rays can cause your health damage. Then he told that this is a limited field because as these machines are very expensive they do not usually hire fresher, they continue their work with experts because according to them keeping fresher in this radiology field is risk as the machines are very expensive and according to them a fresher can damage it. Then I asked him whether non-radiology field i.e. ECG, EEG or Ventilator machines is better or not.

He advised me that it is the best field as it has high demand. He told as you know that approximately every hospitals require these machines which shows its high demand.

By having conversation with farhan, I learnt that non-radiology field surpasses radiology field.

The experience was awesome although it was five minutes conversation yet I learnt a lot about my field. In future I will try my maximum effort to find a job related to non radiology field. This conversation gave me a lot of experience. Firstly, it increased my confidence, taught me manners or ways how to talk with a person when your conversation is on mobile and secondly, it helped me to know about my field.

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