Sharing a story of your mentor

A mentor is someone who gives you help and advice over a period of time. As humans are social animal, it is a human nature that he cannot stay alone, he certainly needs someone with him who guides and helps him. When a baby is born, he is taught how to speak or walk and the person who teaches and supports him, is his mentor i.e. his mother. A baby cannot walk by himself unless he gets support from his mentor. He certainly needs a mentor. Having a mentor is very important especially for those who want their dream to be successful. Even every popular person in the world had mentor who guided them. For instance, Allama Iqbal who was a renown poet of East, had a mentor Jalal ad - din Muhammad Rumi.

In the same way, I also have a mentor and it is my mother. My mother is my mentor for me who has helped and supported me throughout my life and helped me reach my goal. When I was a 10 years old, my father died. We lived in abroad and at the time of my father’s death there was no one to help. But as you know when ALLAH closes one door he definitely opens another door . My mother struggled very hard and after hard struggle and support of my family we reached own homeland and placed our father’s body in graveyard. But after reaching Pakistan we had family issues, yet my mother struggled for us. She gave me good education and fulfilled all my demands. There was time when I started getting low grades in college especially in Urdu subject. But my mother never scolded me. Instead she asked me what problem I was facing and when I told about the problem she started teaching me Urdu. She was very busy but, still she took her time and taught me Urdu. I had a dream to be engineer and it was due to her that I am studying in University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore which is among Pakistan’s top 5 universities.

Humility was very important in this matter. If I did not show humility I would have never become successful. As I was weak in Urdu and in her time Urdu was bit easy I never said her that you were not teaching me according to today’s time but instead I showed humility and I started learning easy Urdu from her and after getting good marks in result I realized that it was due to the easy Urdu she taught, I got good marks. Not only in studies, but whenever I had personal problem she supported and helped me and it was due to humility that I am now successful in life. She also followed the concept of humility. Whenever she was good at something she used to share that skill to her family and used to encourage them that they are better than her and I believe due to this behavior she is successful in life and she usually advice me about humility and I always follow her guidance.