Day 6: The reality and the challenges that face new businesses

No new clients,

Nothing exciting to report,

Still spending my time honing my outreach skills in order to get more clients on board.

The road is still long and hard ahead, but I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.

The outreach strategy is coming along nicely, I will start shooting emails to prospective ecommerce stores between tomorrow and next Friday. Which means I will be sending out a LOT of business emails soliciting business.

This strategy is otherwise known as cold emailing. Emailing someone you don’t know asking for business.

It doesn’t have the best return rates, but it happens to be the most effective tactic out there for drumming up business in such a crowded and competitive space.

Sorry about the short update for today, but I’m hoping I will have more interesting updates to share with you as we go along.

Keep the hustle alive!

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