Text editor, web browser, and a **terminal**.
Aryan Yoon

You raise a good point about the terminal — forgot to mention that application. If you’re doing full-stack development, then definitely true about that. But one could then say that if you’re SSHing into your back-end, like for instance you work for a client or are full-time at a company with their own back-end that you don’t write services for, then all that processing that would in theory choke your RAM gets offloaded to another server… Still though, it’s interesting to hear that you’re barely getting by with 8GB. I have a 4GB MacBook Air, and haven’t felt at any time that I’m at the lower end of machines that can do serious programming.

Dijkstra didn’t program with a computer — he wrote his code out by hand, palmed it off to someone who would type it out, and it would compile perfectly each time. My only real point here is that if there’s a will, there’s definitely a way. Provided you’re willing to make the necessary sacrifices, there’s no reason you can’t be a “serious” computer programmer and/or scientist, with even, say, the hunk of junk an old family friend gave you. To say nothing of whatever you might be forced to make do with, should you poor, and can’t afford all your way up to a 4GB machine on the market today…

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