The world of Cryptocurrencies in recent years continues to experience a very significant increase, quickly reaching enormous valuations. Influence on the existing economy changed the minds of people to follow the progress in the era of Cryptoccurency. By developing the modern internet at, it has recently begun to experience the Internet of Things. Cryptocurrencies
And blockchain technology is now making way for the “Internet of Value” and Fintech. The company paved the way for a decentralized and unencumbered financial future.

Bitquence fills the gap between the past and the financial future. The Universal Bitquence wallet allows one to easily purchase, send and store pre-diversified kriptocurrency carts quickly and safely.


The bitquence vision is to create a new, human-powered economic service company. The cryptocurrency market is accessible and trustworthy for the average user, speeding up
Adoption of blockchain technology and the democratization of ownership of cryptocurrencies.

With a team of experienced and professional, bitquence is ready to realize this vision. Cross-cryptographic experts, distributed computing systems, mobile technology, and
The development of large-scale consumer applications, has developed many applications and received numerous awards.

The Bitquence platform is designed to address specific problems in the world

  • Choose between a growing array of crypto
  • Understand risk and quality across multiple coins and assets
  • Diversify a single click into multiple crypto assets
  • The cell phone wallet is safe and secure that handles some buttons
  • Being able to transfer digital asset values easily

The essence of Vision is the Bitquence token, which will empower the service and enable new digital liquidity, a network that can make it safe, easy and free to transfer value wherever it is. Bitquence’s team has been doing research over the years to create platforms on a large scale.

Competition of the blockchain world continues to spread Wall Street and big banks are starting to pay attention to the huge potential of the blockchain and new crypocurrency reappears.

Bitquence with a mission creates a cryptocurrency market
Accessible and reliable for users, speed up
Adoption of blockchain technology and democratization Ownership of cryptococcus This is an important part of the philosophical Mission set by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Allows participants to easily purchase Cryptocurrency in pre-diversified baskets, participate in quality consensus and risk assessment, and potentially deliver value to anywhere quickly and easily, Bitquence helps create a new Economy is easy, safe and secure and accessible to everyone . That’s why Bitquence aims to create powerful people
Corporate cryptocurrency services for blockchain.

The Bitquence Platform

Number of outstanding wallet apps, With digital assets that manage many wallets for each of your currencies making it difficult to do. For that we create a platform that can provide a single powerful point as Interaction with the new economy. This Next-Generation Digital Wallet will be the backbone of our asset management and cryptographic services platform.

The Bitquence platform is made up of several core technology components:

  • Wallet & Liquidity Layer
  • Bitquence Platform Layer
  • Cold Storage

Dynamic Asset Allocation

Bitquence Dynamic Allocation helps secure the funds of its users through various. The cryptocurrency asset and your allocation value will be tracked accordingly assets. When you place funds into Bitquence Allocation, you will be given an estimated cost and estimated amount of the underlying asset that guarantees the investment. All investments are guaranteed 1: 1 by underlying assets.

Benefits for Bitquence Allocation are as follows:

  • Risk Diversification
  • Accessibility
  • Community Expertis
  • Low Cost
  • Time Savings

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