iDice — World’s First Mobile Blockchain Gambling App


I was away for a few days, but today I’m coming back with something new! An ICO will happen in a few days, precisely on June 16 and will last only two weeks!

iDice is a dice gambling that is in Ethereum, besides being the first mobile blockchain gambling app!

Surely many of you have already met several gambling sites in Ethereum, also many of you participate in them! We know that more and more mobile app are more sophisticated and sometimes replacing conventional uses! But there’s still the conventional use.

The iDice knows this and has idealized a project that can provide the best open source platform for decentralized betting via desktop or mobile! Plus a smooth, fair and reliable user experience with full user safety, being in Ethereum contributes a lot to it!

In other words, iDice will offer a more sophisticated and interesting experience than the competitors, however the highlight goes to the mobile app, there is still lack a big blockchain-powered app for high performance mobiles and this lack is ready to end with iDice! With this iDice app will show the one that came and will have the great opportunity to show your superior performance to others!

Given these facts and expectations, why invest in ICO iDice? Extremely popular, provably fair, easy to use, completely decentralized, automated bets and a growth opportunity! See mobile usage data and justification for using Ethereum:

In addition the maximum of 5 million tokens will be created! Can you imagine how valuable iDice could be to exploit all the possibilities of market and capacity? There’s a generous rewards campaign:

Then don’t stay out and get involved, for more information on ICO, team composition, more information about iDice, roadmap, social media and contacts, whitepaper, business plan and more! Links below:

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