INSUREX- technology-based insurance

If we talk about insurance is not separated from the number of intermediaries, according to some of the world banking insurance business does not develop following the technological progress so it is considered ineffective and impressed slow because it is done manually.

Departing from some of these shortcomings INSUREX develops the concept of marketing with blockchain technology because many investors are playing in it, so that insurance companies remain relevant and remain competitive.

INSUREX is a marketing tool for insurance companies, reinsurers and brokers to trade insurance products directly, joining several insurance companies and using blockchain technology, to streamline all programming, policy, premium and management claims.

INSUREX itself was founded by Ingemar Svensson (former CTO) of SunGard’s experienced risk assessment and asset management. He was joined by MIT alumni and early blockchain pioneer Cristina Dolan and Mikael Olofsson, insurtech experts and entrepreneurs. The team’s strong advisors include Ross Campbell, head of Underwriter General Re and Nick Pester, head of insurance and Insurtech in the legal capital of LLP.


Blockchain technology — utilizing technology INSUREX blockchain involving reinsurance company in London that offers all the processes are consistent, shared and secure for all insurance participants. The nature of decentralized blockchain makes it possible to remove third party fees and commissions.

The INSUREX platform leverages the Ethereal blockchain that makes it easy for external developers who want to contribute without having to get used to the implementation of blockchain again.

High-performance storage — in order to process certain transactions that are private and confidential INSUREX provides secure storage space. Storage INSUREX is secured NoSQL data is very secure, which is equipped with a network block by providing quick access to different data such as medical records or other confidential information with some level of security level, even external tentikasi and the use of a strong profile.

Application Stack — The UI application comes with fast and responsive React, and by using a Node.js backend that handles most business logic. The INSUREX extension between React and Node.js has proven to be a very fast, lightweight and powerful approach. By developing mobile applications, UI applications can be applied to tablets and phones and as part of the InsureX program.

  • List and market insurance products
  • Transaction Execution
  • Market insights
  • Portfolio management

from July 11, 2017 to July 31, 2017

InsureX — The first blockchain-based market for trade and management

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