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Modified Etereum Gambling:

We have launched our first beta this week. We aim to become the most popular Ethere gambling app for dice on the network. We have established partnerships with key Ethereal startups that will help drive traffic to our decentralized app. Users can now play our games by visiting our site and following the instructions there.

Change Etaceum Dicing

The improvements we make to our “competitors” are that we really aim to become the world’s leading dice game. Our competition has little to do with, and there’s a lot of potential in this multi-billion dollar economic kripto industry to expand our user base. As a result, we have integrated our apps into other Ethereal wallet apps. In this way, users can play directly from their wallets without visiting our website.

Future plan

We intend to build more types of games for users to play in addition to dice. Blackjack and the next roulette. We look forward to seeing you on iDice, the most popular dice game!

Play from anywhere

Our players can play Ethereum Dice phones from anywhere in the world. Our app is cross-platform, and mobile compatibility is our top priority. We are the first blockchain dice game that incorporates mobile apps.

Original in English

The release of Ethereal Dice Beta Live iDice has processed nearly $ 200,000 in victory over the first two months. Our regular players really love us. Take advantage of getting by joining our crowdsale.

Very Fair

Any bets can be viewed publicly in blocking Ethereal with our smart contract. Thanks to our partner Oraclize, all bets can be verified and proven fair.

Now we see the growth is now idice start crowdsale starting from June 16, 2017 finish June 30, 2017

Our mission

Our mission at iDice is to provide the best open source platform for decentralized gambling 
That offers a seamless and reliable user experience without any sacrifice in the security and security of our users.

Roadmap Development

We have the vision to create the world’s largest Ethereal game network. Our development plan highlights our priorities including infrastructure development, blockchain optimization, and mobile development. Introducing new games will help our brands better, and guide us into the future of blockchain gambling.

Meet Team

Jordan Wong (Founder, CEO)

Jordan is a blockchain and Full Stack Developer who is experienced in cryptography development and cryptographic application development.

Steve Patel (CFO)

Steve has a strong background in both business and finance, with a strong desire to influence the world. He has worked all over the world.

Brandon Schmitz (Software & Entrepreneur Developers)

Brandon is a goal-oriented individual with a passion for entrepreneurship. He has valuable work experience with the beginners.

Abdul Ghafoor (Full Stack Developer & CTO)

With a strong background in computer science, Abdul has a strong desire to create revolutionary applications. He is also very interested in business.

Advisory Board

Scott Wilson (LLM)

Scott Wilson is a litigator who has extensive experience in litigation and complex commercial arbitration. Scott has represented and advised clients on various substantive fields including securities and shareholder litigation, financial service regulations.

Bradley Celik (IT Consultant)

Bradley has approached 2 decades of IT professional experience with various businesses ranging from startup companies to multinational companies. He has extensive experience with business to business and business to consumer technology services.

Detail Information:

White Paper:
Slack: https: //idice.slack .com /

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