Instantaneously we want to be informed and aware of whatever happens around us on a daily basis. This is the power of information, knowledge and experience through the accessible medium through which we know what happens in the world at large. Nothing is so profound as been informed and pre-informed in a better way about the world at large. This is the power UOoMaG provides for readers through its digital magazine network. It is profoundly one of the best way of keeping informed in this our digital world where technology is at the heart of everything we do. Technology is like the food we eat, air we breath and also the will we propound in every venture around us today. Nothing profoundly touches the heart in this 21st century like the presence of electronic digitization of news of all forms. This is magazine in its self. Thus, UooMAG provides its readers that flair and accessibility to understanding the value it places on their trips and also the availability of such information at their finger tips.

Furthermore, the UooMAG digitization magazine brings the reader to a point of information ecstasy such that no amount of hardcover information can beat the digital norm of accessibility at the moment. This is thus the only mission of UooMAG in disrupting the digital publishing trend on smartphones. It provides the viability and mobility of information sharing. Wherefore, the UooMAG digitization magazine tends to help companies that share B2B and B2C business relations can grow and maintain their long term business deals. This is the foundation for business at all times and UooMAG has decentralized its sales of such vast options through its Token sales. This token sales provides the leverage for growth in businesses and also for the investor. The vast benefit of this token sale through bitcoin and ethereum model adopted by the UooMAG is to foster Reliance in all the mediums through which digitalized magazine information is spread in on smart devices. This is a new wave platform process through the global freelance exchange paradigm to enable the essence of market placement for freelancers, freelancing and publishers through a team where work is put together in a micro team used in trading articles ,graphics, and photograph which will be downloaded to the customers smart phone. This is done via the UooMAG token wave platform.

The UooMAG provides decentralization by smart contracts provided in its ethereum-blockchain sequence. Furthermore, this process rewards token holders on a quarterly basis. Thus, the customer relationship management and marketing meets segmentation and personalization of contents for each reader on then defining instance of gender, specific interests, location, business terrain and preferred language. Thus UooMAG gives readers of in-store magazine, car owner magazine and in-flight magazine smart and electronic ways of navigating through the global freelance exchange paradigm shift that provides easy read. This is easier which enhances shopping via online. Thus, UooMAG outshines and stands out in this digital media marketing for online publishing. Wherefore, UooMAG digitization magazine is a brand to stand with in the token sale structure.

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