On Mediocrity

The moment you realize that you are capable of doing something more you step out and start thinking.
The uncomfortable compliance with mediocrity is perhaps the most dangerous virus you can be affected with. A lot can be said about a perhaps who is lip slacker, but the one who believes in mediocrity is no different.

He is that silent weed garden which will always stay green, but with the lesser ideas of being. The fact is a person who leaves his true self and pursues the ideals of the larger society is infact dysfunctional, crippled and disfigured.

The very fact that having no original thought is enough for you to know that you have the germs, the capacity and that you have that container which is fit for the growth of weed. Thus that weeded brain is happy to be green, forever and always. Because it has nurtured for other’s smiles.

And yes, being green is not good. Being a delight for everybody is not good. Being the man of yes is not good. For once the man must know the dread of a No. Of standing up and opposing, of getting out and saying no.

Because the belief that one is alone, yet still strong, is the only possible answer to possibilities. If I do not belong here, then where?

The sojourn of being alone, and outcast is full of opportunities for love, life and hereafter. Because first, it break down the shackles of conformance, it break down the frustration of paying a smile to a slayer. It breaks down the notion of must agree.

Why has the world not seen better people who know when to stand up, who know when to oppose even friends when they are wrong. Perhaps that valor and brevity is scare, it is seldom to be found and experienced. It is the acme of not just human intellect, but of courage and really possessing a sensing heart.

The dream of a mediocre man dies with each agreement and his way of thinking, his ways of divulging reality. His eyes are shadowed and erased from the bulging realities of life. Because he chose not to see, but to protect.

How can you then become strong if your only idea is to protect yourself from the harm of others. The harms way is the way of the man as he is, noble, nurtured and passionate.

In protecting the cocoon of his ideals, his beings, his fellow sharer of ideals, we are unable to break free of the chains of the norm thinking. The way of seeing things as others see. May be that is good for common talk, perhaps spending of good time at the party, perhaps for bragging and revolting against revolutionary thinking.

But the fact still remains… We deny ourselves the courage to become ourselves. We deny ourselves the harms way. The difficult way. The struggle of believing in ideals which go against our very beliefs.

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