For Bangladesh, below we have compiled a list of licenses/approvals/ permits/certificates, which are most frequently required for doing business in Bangladesh. Please note that there are some other licenses/approvals/ permits, which are not mentioned here.

Unless you are conducting your business as a proprietorship, you will be required to register a Partnership or Company prior to obtaining these licenses/approvals/permits/certificate.

Name of License Government Agency

#Trade License — All City Corporations, Municipalities & Union Parisads

#Tax Identification Number (TIN) — National Board of Revenue (NBR)

#VAT Registration — National Board of Revenue (NBR)

#Import Registration Certificate (IRC) — Office of the…

think twice

Like any other country, in Bangladesh specially the taxation policies are also quite hectic and complicated that people fail to understand that. Mostly for an outsider the taxation rules tough to understand. One can find a huge versatility in the taxation. A slight error in the preparation of income tax returns can further complicate the problem and make you experience great hassles. Whether you are a business owner or an individual, tax is something that you will have to file within specified deadlines and no one can avoid. Being an individual or a limited company to handle all this while…

Work permit is mandatory for every foreign national seeking employment in Bangladesh. Three government authorities issue work permit in Bangladesh.


Private sector industrial enterprises, branch office, liaison/representative office desiring to employ foreign nationals are required to apply to BIDA in their prescribed from. While issuing work permit, BIDA usually follows the following guidelines

  • Only nationals of countries recognized by Bangladesh are considered for employment.
  • Employment of expatriate personnel is considered only in industrial/commercial establishments which are sanctioned/registered by the appropriate authority.
  • Employment of foreign nationals is normally considered for the job for which local experts/technicians are not available.
  • Persons below…

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