Make America Great Again?

“Make America great again” only resonates with those who deny (and/or are OK with) past and continued European-American oppression of our land and of its people.

Today European-Americans control 97% (yes, 97%) of our land while the non-European-Americans among us (37% of the population) are forced to share 3% (under military threat). The majority of European-Americans continue to favor financial gain over ethics, common good, and the environment (DAPL, TCGP, TAPI and others).

So, let’s be very, very clear here:

The “new world” America has never experienced an era that can be considered “great” for non-European-Americans. Ever. Please ask around.

Given that the only eras in which America has been great to non-Europeans have occurred prior to European immigration, the very statement, “make America great again,” is extremely, extremely, extremely offensive. It shows disregard for the rights, the sanctity, the quality of life of others.

Specifically, because every era that the statement could possibly harken back to is an era of European-American domination and oppression of non-Europeans, the statement illustrates the lack of compassion (and/or ignorance) of the one who speaks it. And, the utterance shows us how far away that person is from knowing true brotherhood/sisterhood.

Also, using a bit of empathy, imagine how it sounds to us non-Europeans to hear someone celebrate, even wish, hope, pray for an era in which we had to endure never ending injustices as opposed to being able to thrive en mass. How do those who repeat such statements think that makes others feels? Do they even care what others besides themselves feel?

How does it make the people who utter such statements appear to all the world?

Indeed, “make America great again,” should be just as hideous to any honest, conscious, self-respecting European-American.

Please do not endorse that phrase. Also, please begin to educate others as to why that term is unfit for use.