5 Reasons Why a Business Should Use Translation Services

You definitely need professional translation services when you are in the business of selling products and services on an international platform. A lot of businesses make the mistake of managing translation of an ad hoc basis and delegate their translation needs to bilingual staff. They use nothing more advanced that a couple of spreadsheets and Microsoft Word. Some businesses opt to use Google’s free machine translation service. However, this can be a serious and costly mistake for businesses because they are not done by professionals. Therefore, there is plenty of room for error and can cause you to lose out customers in the long term.

Using professional document translation services that specialize in translating documents and other material in a wide array of languages can be a worthwhile investment for your business. You are able to avoid some potential pitfalls and a partnership with a professional translation agency also gives you the edge over your competition. Here are some of the reasons why your business should use professional translation services:

1- Experience

When you strike up a partnership with a professional translation service, your business will be able to benefit from access to a vast experience of language professionals who have worked with other businesses on similar projects and are fluent in the languages used by your customers on a daily basis. A professional translation service will be able to give you sound advice on various matters ranging from the cultural connotations of the business’s latest marketing campaign to setting up the translation workflows. In this way, you can avoid some common pitfalls and plan your global strategy. In fact, these services can also help you in adapting your digital marketing and TV adverts for foreign markets.

2- Tools

A professional translation service has a wide array of tools at its disposal for managing translation projects. These tools can offer huge benefits over internal processes that use excel, word and copy/paste. Building translation memories is the first step for any business that’s serious about language support. Your long-term costs can be reduced with translation memories. Every new translation project is scanned against these translation memories and pre-translated content is used if there are any matches. This can promote language consistency and reduce costs.

The tools needed for this purpose are quite expensive and complicated and they will need significant investment. Furthermore, translation memories and tools will need constant management and revision for working efficiently. This can be managed by a professional translation service and there will be no need to invest in any resources and tools.

3- Resources

Scaling becomes immensely difficult for businesses that start managing internal translation when their operations grow. As the business is expanding and resources are being stretched, translation will usually be shuffled to the bottom of the pile or handed over to junior and inexperienced employees. Translation jobs will either be rushed out, which will increase the chances of mistakes or deadlines will be missed altogether. Poor quality of translations will be reported, customer support will start getting more calls and the cracks will become visible.

On the other hand, a professional translation service has a huge pool of skilled linguists that can be called upon when ‘special projects’ arise or demand increases. You can also find senior linguists who have expertise in your area of the business. They will have an understanding of your market, competitors and customers so they can offer high quality of translation.

4- Consistency

Supporting language consistency becomes very difficult when you manage translation internally as products change, teams and employees are all subject to change. Everyone has a different way of doing things and this can lead to inconsistencies in translation. Language standardization and control is the solution to this problem and this is where professional translation services can be of the utmost importance. Setting up glossaries, using terminology lists for every language, using appropriate tone of voice and defining your language style clearly are crucial for ensuring language consistency in all multilingual documentation. This can be time-consuming and expensive for a business to manage, which means outsourcing it to translation services is a good idea.

5- Efficiency

It is less risky and much more efficient for you to partner up with a professional translation service for your localization and translation project rather than trying to set up the resources, tools and workflows yourself. Why devote internal resources to translation when they can be better focused on improving your products and services? Using a professional translation service requires less upfront investment, is less risky and more flexible. You can get the highest translation guarantee with professional linguists and they can also provide you with faster output. The translation services will regularly update their tools and enhance their resources, which saves you time and money and provides you with quality translation services.

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