Classic Arcade Games Everyone Should Play

The arcade was the one place that every kid who grew up in the ’80s and ’90s will probably never forget. You probably spent hours on end playing the popular arcade games every chance you got. Remember grabbing coins and just rushing to the arcade so you could play your favorite game? There are a number of classic titles that you would probably never forget and some of the classic arcade games that everyone should definitely play are discussed below:

· Pac Man

The character that’s most recognized in the history of video games is a yellow circle that eats dots. Introduced in 1980, Pac Man immediately became popular and reached super stardom in the arcade games. It is the most classic arcade game ever and there is plenty of merchandise available for it. Undoubtedly, it had a very strong impact on the video game landscape and its predecessor went even farther.

· Ms. Pac Man

This was the sequel to Pac Man and was released in 1982. Ms. Pac Man took the traditional dot eating maze format and made it interesting with bouncing fruit, four different mazes and also an orange ghost called Sue. The game was really fun and it also has a ‘turbo’ mode that enables you to go even faster so you can double the fun. This is a must-have classic arcade game for the fans.

· Breakout

Breakout was developed and published by Atari in 1976. Atari Breakout game starts with 8 rows of bricks; each 2 rows have different color. Order of the color from top to bottom is red, orange, green and yellow. The player, using a single ball, has to knock down as many bricks as they can by utilizing the walls and paddle below in order to rebound the ball to eliminate the bricks. It is one of the most interesting in arcade games.

· Donkey Kong

The world was introduced to Jumpman with this game who was later recognized as Mario. In Donkey Kong, your job is to rescue your girlfriend and you have to go through several stages that are tough, but fun. To this day, Donkey Kong remains one of the best games to be made and classic arcade fans just love to play and talk about it.

· Street Fighter II- The World Warrior

This was the game that caused players all around the globe to line up every machine with a bunch of quarters so they could be next in line to play. There are a total of eight characters and you can choose one for fighting in different locations. Gamers can also become the bad guys in the Champion Edition including M. Bison and Vega. The industry was revitalized with Street Fighter II and is deemed to be one of the most influential games in the history of arcade.

· Galaga

Released in 1981, this was a sequel to Galaxian and it took the Space Invaders formula and added a couple of twists to it. One of the biggest changes brought about by this game was that it allowed the alien invaders to capture your ship. However, you can double your firepower if you are able to rescue it.

· Star Wars

Even though it was brought to the arcade six years after the movie, there is no denying that Star Wars is one of the most popular arcade hits ever. Blow up the Death Star, blast all the laser towers and bring down the TIE fighters. It is fun and also requires quick reflexes.

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