Emmanuel Fleurantin, Breaking The Cycle In The Way We Learn

Mathematics is no doubt challenging for some people where past experiences plays a very important role. This is because a challenge can be even tougher and hard to overcome if it is impeded by others. Getting negative remarks about your performance can also make it harder for you to get back to a positive track in your learning experience. The same scenario applies to learning mathematics. The way you learn math can be affected by your past experiences and can continue to be a tough subject even when you grow up as an adult.

As we grow older, our primary aim becomes dealing with our family and serving all their needs. We have to shoulder numerous responsibilities. As a result, we hardly find time to educate ourselves continuously and mend up the portion we lacked the expertise in as a child. However, if you are driven by a need to learn and to succeed you will end up finding out some time for yourself amidst the busy schedule. The subject which is looked up as a devil by most adults is mathematics. Most of the time, it seems that this fear develops as a result of previous learning experiences; maybe you sat in a class in the past where the teacher paid very little attention to your needs.

Another possible negative side may be that as a child you have failed some or most of your math classes. This negative impact of the failure continued to stay in your life and in turn changed your entire outlook on mathematics. Results of different researches have shown that the critical thinking ability of an adult can be affected by his past learning experiences as a child. There are some very interesting similarities between the two. Emmanuel Fleurantin has pointed out that an adult learner adopts a particular way of learning based on life stresses and challenges. Also, adult learners have a personal payoff and an intrinsic value as they have an immediate goal.

Emmanuel Fleurantin, being a great teacher, points out that adult learning generally relies on the habits that we develop as a child. The adult learning process is also two dimensional. Along with being a habit of the mind, it is also a particular point of view. However, it is to be kept in mind that adult learning cannot be done in a classroom atmosphere alone. As the main motto of Emmanuel Fleurantin is to help the adult learners deal with their fear of mathematics, he therefore points out that it is very important to push aside your past learning experiences and take up new learning procedures.

According to Emmanuel Fleurantin, a renewed attitude is a must in order to accept new challenges. As adults, the reflecting ability we have is more than a child. These phenomena can be associated with the three natural reasons or needs necessary to gain knowledge. So, it is the duty of an adult to break free from their past experiences and come up with new methods to learn and take up new challenges.