Refrigerators That Are Top of the Line Today

Everyone is talking about smartphones, tablets and the upcoming technology within the same niche but very few seem concerned about refrigerators. Refrigerators are some of the most ignored yet the most important items in any household. How you could not thank your refrigerator and pay it a tribute when your throat is parched with thirst in hot summer days and you’re able to get a chilled glass of water or your favorite drink from it? However, just like other products all refrigerators are not made equal. Some are good, some just average but some steal the show.

Here is a comparison of the best models of refrigerators that have to be considered if you are looking to buy one in near future.


This one is a free standing refrigerator from Samsung and with its great capacity of 31 cubic feet it is one of the most spacious ones among others of its size. Out of the 31 cubic feet you have 22 cubic feet available to store your fresh food items and the freezer can take up to 9 cubic feet of stuff. It is made from stainless and since it is Energy Star certified refrigerator, you can expect it to have some cool impact on your energy bills. The Ice Master is there on this unit to give you up to 10lbs of ice on a daily basis.

The French door design makes it look amazing in any kitchen or home setting. The amazing feature on this unit is the FlexZone drawers that allow you to keep your food items at different temperatures using the just one refrigerator.


This is another Energy Star efficient refrigerator and even though it does not offer as much space as the refrigerator from Samsung above, it still has a great capacity of nearly 29 cubic feet. There are 5 shelves on this fridge. Again, this one is a French door refrigerator and it offers some cool features such as setting up different temperatures in its compartments to keep different foods at ideal temperatures. You won’t see many changes in its design if you already own the previous models of this refrigerator. However, a few inches added here and there allow you to store bigger containers and jugs in the unit too.

Of course, there is an icemaker on this unit too along with dispenser for hot water. A little downside to this amazing refrigerator might be the coarse handles that have been used on it instead of smooth and sleek ones.


LG has been doing a great job in not only making great smartphones but also great TVs, refrigerators and other home appliances. LG seems to have understood what people want and the company is doing great in everything. This amazing refrigerator is probably one of the fewest out there with 4 or more than 4 rating out of 5. The capacity on this refrigerator is not too big at nearly 22 cubic feet and that’s why it is 3rd on our list. The material on this unit is the favorite of all stainless steel and the final finishing has been done in the color of stainless steel too.

The water and ice dispenser along with gallon door bins all work great and its this amazing performance that makes this refrigerator one of the best out there.


Here comes another great model from GE because this one deserves to be on the list too. As the name suggests, this one has 23 cubic feet of capacity on it. The drawers inside the fridge can be adjusted at different temperatures and its 33-inch of width should provide you enough space to keep big items side by side too. The water dispenser is there and GE has remembered to put a child lock on it. There is a different compartment for the dairy products. The freezer has lighting in it too with an ice bucket. The best thing about this refrigerator is that it has received some great reviews from customers and experts so you can buy it with the peace of mind when you are in the market. The appearance of this unit mostly receives great points.

The refrigerator you buy has to be your choice at the end of the day. While it feels good to look for a unit that looks nice but what matters the most is what’s inside it. Make sure to always find a fridge that has Energy Star certification so it can save you money on your energy bills. Secondly, never miss to look at the warranty information on your refrigerator so you know what you will have to face if something goes wrong with your unit. Lastly, read the online reviews from customers to know more about the product you are about to buy.

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