Some of Outstanding Fashion Trends for Women in 2017

The new fashion trends in 2016 have pushed most of the 2015 styles out of the picture. Fashion Week has showed us exactly what to expect in trends this year and if the runways are any indication, fashion continues to get more daring, bold and statement-worthy every year. Nonetheless, fashion trends are welcomed with open arms, especially by women as they define the entire season. It is time for you to hit the stores, but what should you buy? From shimmering eye shadows to soft fabrics to retro styles, here are some of the top fashion trends in clothes, jewelry and accessories you should follow this year:


1. Tie Dye

Whoever thought that the 70’s inspiration love affair was a done deal in the fashion pack, you were definitely mistaken. It seems that they are here to stay as Tie-dye has made a comeback in fashion this year in the form of shirts, pants, dresses and much more.

2. Cold Shoulders

Off-the-shoulder and open necklines have had their time in the sun, but designers have gone a step further in this season with cutouts that are aimed at highlighting the shoulder. This makes everything a bit sexier, your open dresses even breezier and knits become breathable.

3. Day Lingerie

Your underthings are not going to be undercover in this season as slips were draped on top of shirts. The latest pieces have been inspired by lingerie and may be the sexiest look you can wear in spring 2016 as yet. The best part is that these silky silhouettes are not just for the boudoir; you can also don them when going out of town.

4. Pleats

If this year’s fashion week is any indication, pleats never have to be preppy at all. This trend can add class, movement and style with ease and make you look chic and elegant without much effort.

5. Artistic Looks

A whole bag of materials was used by designers for creating tactile works of art like piling on 3D accents, sculptural fabrics or studding, adding intrigue with some lace paneling and mixing laces and leather with sleek and sheer fabrications.

6. All Lacy

The runway seems to have upped the ante as far as see-through lace is concerned. Lace is classic, soft and has the power of turning any outfit or look into a chic ensemble. The sheer dresses in this precious fabric are both sexy and subtle at the same time.

7. Victorian Touch

Everywhere on the runways, you could see the grownup yet girly touch in the form of ruffles. They were used by designers for adding a flirtatious vibe to dresses. In some other cases, the ruffles also gave dimension to sheath dimensions and tops with their sculptural effect and this provided a more contemporary appeal.

8. Suede

Another look that was inspired by the 70s is suede as it was seen all over the runway, which was one of the most loved fabrics of the decade.

9. Shine Returns

A celebratory moment for fashionistas is the return of shine as this detail has been brought back to pretty much everything ranging from special-occasion cocktail dresses to everyday shorts. They provide your entire wardrobe a shimmer so you don’t have to wait around till the holidays for getting your sparkle on.

10. White Shirt Redesign

The classic oxford design of a white button down shirt has remained consistent, but this time around, designers decided to give it a makeover. They have taken it from the simple and added some charm to it in the form of slashes, ruffles or all buttoned up.

11. Stripes

Another classic, this pattern is especially prominent on sets, suiting and attention grabbing dresses. An iteration is available for almost every occasion from the casual to the formal.

12. Paper-bag Waists

Even though donning this trend in real life may not be the easiest fashion trend for all, this didn’t stop the designers from sending pants and skirts with this roomy silhouette down the runways. Wear it with a piece that’s tighter on the top and you are good to go.


After a long time of sporting larger-than-life statement baubles, downsizing is coming back in for this spring and summer season. The jewelry may be tiny, but has a powerful impact all the same.

13. Arm cuffs: You can let these dangle on your wrists or clinch them a bit higher on your forearm for a stylish look. It is available in steel, alloy, zinc, brass and precious stones too.

14. Ear cuffs: You can channel your inner rock star with fake multiple piercings with a couple of ear cuffs. Find them in brushed silver, brass and even fancy styles.

15. Midi rings: You can stack on several sets of bands on the same finger for a cool and effortless look. Get them in different shades and designs. With websites, DealVoucherz, you can buy such jewelry without spending too much.


New accessories’ trends have also been seen on the runways and you can incorporate them in your look.

16. Half Moon Bag: It is time to wave goodbye to the full moon design as the half-moon purse is here to stay.

17. Flats: Comfortable and flat shoes are still trending as shown by a number of designers on the runway. That’s such a huge relief.

18. Watch: The 70s revival is not just restricted to clothes; you can also see it in accessories, especially watches. Striped straps on the arm have become common, which have a retro style. The sleek minimalist designs have also gone into the background as the bold and beautiful comes to the surface. There are elegant watches in primary shades with bright colored straps and smattering of diamonds.

19. Makeup: Blue accents seemed to be very popular on the runway this time around and are the perfect way to spruce up your appearance. A new kind of highlighter is also surfacing, which is shimmering shadows.

Add these latest fashion trends to your wardrobe and accessories and you will be ready to step out in style.

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