What You Should Know About The Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have become a huge concern for the world for the past couple of decades. According to the studies, bed bugs are on the rise and the movement of humans across boundaries is one of the big reasons behind that. Another reason why bed bugs are rising in population is because the most effective pesticides have been banned for several reasons. Furthermore, bed bugs might have become resistant to pesticides too. It is only useful if you know about bed bugs more and keep yourself and your loved ones away from these harmful little critters.

What Are Bed Bugs

As the name already suggests, bed bugs are the insects that are present in your bed. Yes, while you think you are sleeping alone in your bed, you might be accompanied by bed bugs. These insects are not purely nocturnal but they are most active during the night. Beds are their favorite places and the night time is their duty time. Your blood is their meal. When they are born they are to some extent transparent and you can see your blood in their bellies. Adult bed bugs are brown in color and their overall shape is oval. Their size can be compared to apple seeds.

Harms Of Bed Bug Bites

While they are small insects looking only for your blood, the itchy bed bug bites can be dangerous for humans in many ways. Here’s some interesting information in this regard: https://pestradar.com/bitten-by-bedbugs/ Children should be protected even more from bed bugs. There are no studies that show any signs of diseases transmitting from bed bugs to humans. However, rashes and lesions can be seen as you wake up in the morning and spend the whole night scratching. The presence of bed bugs in the house can also be a big blow psychologically. Just the fact that people won’t like to come to your house after seeing bed bugs can be quite disturbing mentally.

How To Find Bed Bugs

Of course, the place where you find them is your bed. But you won’t find them casually walking on your mattress. They like to hide during the day and the places they like to hide in are the seams of mattresses, crevices of the bed furniture etc. In order to know if there are bed bugs in your bed, you have to lift the mattress and inspect its seams from every corner. If you see any dark spots in the seams, you are looking at the fecal matter of bed bugs.

The oval shaped small things in the seams are their eggs. You don’t want to dispose them off just like that since you want to avoid sending them to your neighbors. After you have lifted the mattress you would want to check the crevices and corners of the bed thoroughly. You can also find them in the crevices of your side tables. Any upholstered items that you have in the vicinity of your bed can also become a sanctuary for bed bugs. You can also watch online videos to get a good idea of how you need to inspect a bed for bed bugs.

How To Prevent

Cleanliness is the first answer to avoiding bed bugs. Make sure you are changing the bed sheets, pillow cases and anything that resides on your bed as frequently as possible. You also want to give these items some special treatment when it comes to washing. Wash them with hot water and clean them thoroughly. Keep checking the seams of your mattress and the frame of your bed after lifting the mattress to keep an eye on bed bugs. Do not keep clutter in your bedroom as clutter creates more spaces for them to hide.

Be very careful when you are traveling and have to stay at hotels or motels. Recent studies have shown that hotels and motels are more infested with bed bugs than homes. Properly inspect of bed before you get into it when you are staying at some hotel. Ask the room to be changed if you discover any signs of bed bugs. If you feel that there are bed bugs in the room, keep your clothing items and suitcases as far away from the beds as possible. Tiled floors and desktops are best places for your suitcases. Upholstery items are the worst place.

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