Interning at Mozilla

I am on my last week of internship at Mozilla. I started on May 23 and ending on August 12. This summer has been by far my favorite of all time. Interning at Mozilla exposes you to some of the brightest people in the world.

I applied to Mozilla through their website. I was sent an online coding challenge invitation; completed it then did 3 Skype interviews, 2 of which were live coding before getting an official offer. The whole process took around a month.

I arrived in San Francisco on May 21st, 2 days before my first day at work. Upon arrival, I was warmly welcomed by a driver with my name on the car’s dashboard. I still haven’t started work and Mozilla was already making me feel special.

They know how to take care of you

My first day was in Mountain View, where all interns were introduced on AirMozilla (Check it out here! I am introduced at 19:05). In case you’re wondering, I was introduced remotely because my mentor lives in Iowa and my manager works from Portland.

I have a separate blog where I talk about the things I develop. If you’re curious to know what kind of work I did for Mozilla, check out this post.

Approximately 2 weeks later, we were flown to London for the Mozilla All Hands. An All Hands is a meeting where all Mozilla Employees get together under one roof, and work on their projects and plan for the future. Since 2015, Mozilla has been having 2 gatherings per year. The All Hands were really great because this was the only time I had a chance to meet my mentor and manager face to face. I took the opportunity to set up meetings with them to discuss my work thoroughly. The University team organized a couple of activities with all the interns and it was really nice getting to know them. Snapchat even had a custom Mozilla filter during that week.

Fellow interns of Summer 2016

By working for Mozilla, you get to meet insanely smart people with big achievements and I am really grateful for that. I always wanted to surround myself with people that have big goals because they indirectly make me aim higher in life.

Mozilla is very generous when it comes to perks. Interns are housed, fed and flown with no personal cost. Working for Mozilla means you can come to work and leave whenever you want as long as the work is being done. They provide lunch everyday at work and unlimited snacks. Lunch is different everyday so you never get tired of it.

Mozilla has 12 offices located worldwide, 2 of which are in California. I was located in the San Francisco office. It’s really pretty and has one of the best roof views in the world.

Mozilla roof in San Francisco
Shot taken at roughly 7 AM from the Mozilla office roof

Just last week I gave a presentation to talk about the internship and I would invite you to watch to it.

If you have any questions about Mozilla or about the internship, feel free to contact me. I’d love to answer any questions you may have.

Until next time!