Industry Predictions For 2016 But Mostly Just Photos Of Drake

by Hassan S. Ali

Virtual Reality, 360 Cameras, Livestreaming.

2016 is going to be an exciting time for tech, media, and the brands who choose to get on board. These are my predictions based on my own industry experience in the media world, and I’m so pumped to dig into all of it.

But first, here is a photo of Drake.

Drake, aka Dreezy.
  1. Immersive Experiences

Youtube and Facebook now support interactive video shot with 360-degree cameras. Both platforms also support livestreaming. And the virtual reality tech of Oculus Rift will be hitting retail stores in April.

Quite simply, I predict the industry will embrace more immersive experiences. There’s a great opportunity for smart brands to get involved here, with ways to interact with audiences in cool new ways.

Here is another photo of Canadian hip-hop star Drake.

2. Wider Acceptance of “Internet Of Things”

Wearable tech like Fitbit and devices like Nest have helped introduce consumers to the “Internet of Things,” i.e. the interconnectivity between digital and physical worlds.

I believe the industry will introduce even more such technology, producing a variety of cool, real-life applications for consumers. There’s a great opportunity for brands to get involved here, too. I could go on, but it’s time for another photo of Drake.

3. Smarter Consumers, Smarter Brands

This is a pivotal time for brands. Quite simply, people are hungry for interesting content that relate to their interests, as opposed to, say, more traditional TV ads. Consumers are smarter. To respect that intelligence, brands will need to start acting smarter, too.

That means making stronger, more relevant content that viewers will actually care about. Like this:

In Summary

There’s a lot of fun stuff in store for the next year. We’ll pump out some cool new work, break old conventions, and pave new roads. I’m very exci-

Here’s to a prosperous future!

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