Well-Adjusted Batman
Dan Hon

The Hero We Need

I used to think you had to have deep-seated psychological baggage in order to become a superhero. How wrong I was.

Because after being introduced to Well-Adjusted Batman from Dan Hon, it’s clear that heroes can be normal, productive members of society who don’t need to use defense mechanisms such as beating criminals up to cope with unresolved issues.

As Dan points out:

Unlike Regular Batman, Well-Adjusted Batman is able to set boundaries and tells Commissioner Gordon that he isn’t responsible for fixing Gotham’s crime problem.


Well-Adjusted Batman is happy in his own skin, whereas Regular Batman feels under pressure to wear a suit that highlights a particular physique.

Move over Regular Batman: Well-Adjusted Batman is the hero we really need.

More importantly, we all can learn so much from Well-Adjusted Batman. His balanced lifestyle and zen attitude is an example we should all learn from and apply to our own lives.

If all of us became Well-Adjusted Batmen and Batwomen in our own rights, I believe the world would be a much better place.

Thanks for your hilarious post, Dan!

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