Want to be happier? Don’t quit your job
Declan Wilson

Well put, Declan. Thanks for pointing out some hard-to-accept truths. Entrepreneurship is seen as the sexy cool thing to do, to pull a Jerry Maguire and go be your own boss. But it’s hard as f&ck. And the pressure is crushing. I tried it twice and don’t think i can go back to it.

The key words you said: Is it the logical next step. That’s so so so so key. That sticks with me. If someone has a full time job and then starts a little side hustle selling jewelry during their free time, and then eventually the money made selling jewelry starts matching their full time job…. Then yeah, at that point, the logical next step could be… Quit the full time gig and focus time and effort on building this jewelry business. It doesn’t seem as far fetched as just up and quitting and saying, “You know what, I’m gonna start a jewelry business.” and then having no parachute you know?

So so important the points you’re making. Thanks!

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