Education level is not permanent determine factor for development, but it depends much on the effort, skills and ability which you put on your desired goals or destination. God created knowledge as first thing and education later. So knowledge it is major key toward development, through knowledge you can discover your ability in order to utilize it like Janet.
Lukia Ali is Tanzanian lady aged 28 years old,the owner of famous boutiques shop known Luu Collection Boutiques. In ten years ago Lukia was a house maid in Mikochen (Dar Es Salaam). In which she has been working as house maid for 3 years. Due to stiff and poor working condition including poor salary she decided to quit the job.
She decided to quit the job and start to work in local restaurant (Mama Lishe) at Tandale, worked as maid. Later on she managed to open her own small place to sale food. But in reality this business was not profitable any more, she got little money for surviving but not saving to start huge business. Therefore, business fail to survive.
Lukia decided to find another work, in which she got a shop to sell clothes (as shopkeeper). This on side of her was the beginning of her new chapter, she managed to save some amount of money to start her own business starting calling centers (vibanda vya simu). But due to the development of science and technology, in which cellular phone started to be owned by many people, her business was at the risk.
She decided to transfer her business from calling center to clothes shop. She believes that clothes are necessary products to many people so there are ready market. She decides to take her time to learn about entrepreneurship in different seminar. She took her own time to attend seminars and meet other small business owners.
“What I learn from those seminar was more than what I think. Learning on how I can generate income, saving and creating connection with my customer through social media is the secret of my success.”
- Lukia Ali
Business was good and started to travel out of the country to purchase stocks. Her first trip was in Saud Arabia, where she went to bought many clothes with high quality. She did it by believing that she will had high profit than before.
Unfortunately, clothes which Lukia brought to the country, were obtainable everywhere with low price than what she believes she can offer. So, Lukia saw no way to sell her products and maintain her business profit.
“I was so infuriated, how can secure my business? I made good decision after visiting one of entrepreneur teacher who I met him on seminar. He told me to find market of those cloth in other regions. I do so and now I am here.” — Lukia Ali
That crises help her to find another market in Arusha, where she opens another shop. Now his business is stable and she owns many shops around different regions in Tanzania.

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