Celery and Rabbitmq in Django And Monitoring with Flower, Just Couple of Steps to Get Async Working

Sajjad Hassanzadeh
Jul 27 · 4 min read

What do we need?

install RabbitMQ :

apt-get install rabbitmq-server
pip install Django
pip install celery

Djangocelery project

djangocelery/|-- app/|    |-- migrations/|    |-- __init__.py|    |-- admin.py|    |-- apps.py|    |-- models.py|    |-- tests.py|    +-- views.py|-- djangocelery/|    |-- __init__.py|    |-- settings.py|    |-- urls.py|    +-- wsgi.py|-- manage.py+-- requirements.txt


CELERY_BROKER_URL = ‘amqp://localhost’

Add Celery to your Django Project

|-- djangocelery/|    |-- __init__.py|    |-- celery.py|    |-- settings.py|    |-- urls.py|    +-- wsgi.py

Edit the __init__.py

|-- djangocelery/|    |-- __init__.py

Creating First Celery Task

Starting The Worker Process

celery -A djangocelery worker -l info
celery worker information
Received Tasks
Tasks Done

Monitoring Celery Workers

install Flower

pip install flower
celery -A djangocelery worker -l info
celery -A djangocelery flower
flower connection
flower dashboard
flower tasks
flower task details

In addition :

celery -A proj purge

Sajjad Hassanzadeh

Written by

Web developer in Django and Python. #SOReady2Help!

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