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Chapter 10 ~ Reparations

This early in the day the waters of Idlerun were disturbed only by gossamer winged dragonflits, skitterlights and shiny lake dwelling yelloweye gandering fish. By contrast the Grey Troupe was much disturbed. Treila’s caravan carried the lives of six, now five, Insight was told.

“Olgive’s dead!” Insight pulled at her hair and tried to sit up. Scrub Jay apologized repeatedly, profusely, abjectly. She scowled, “Why did you tell me now?”

“Ahn… welp, gonna put you under, an’ now instend’a later. You always cool off so fast. Oh, I was wrong again, wasn’t I?”

“You cannot be blamed,” Treila said, but Insight frowned deeply. No one in the troupe shot as squarely as she, and it was a bitterness unsaid. …

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Chapter 9 ~ The Lady Grey

“Amus, take Fern,” Diver intoned. Amustere directed Thorn to her side, snatched up the reigns and cursed none-too-mildly. Pewter managed the disoriented cows at the end of the reigns and Diver leapt from Fern’s back out of Amustere’s view. Several clangs of metal later, they landed on the path where Pewter had brought the wagon to a heeling halt.

Sword clapped against gauntlet, which provided Amustere an opportunity to observe their attacker. Short, curling locks of amethyst, accompanied by a long lean body adorned in a catsuit of blue-green, detailed by elaborate embroidery work at hip and shoulder.

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Chapter 8 ~ Shadowbrey

A tall silhouette had enough sense to announce itself as Diver’s deft hand lifted the polished cutting slender of his sabre from its sheath. It clicked as he dropped it back in, and he asked, “Done, Finch?”

The yellow-gold sunset cast a strange pallor on the Canora’s passive face. Subtle wrinkles creased with distaste as he said, “Done, and just soon enough.”

“Are you tryin’ to make yourself reliable, Finch?” Insight’s tenor echoed against the hewn rock, stern and motherly. …

Simon Woodington

Writer, Artistic, Musician, Educator. Awake and aware in a social media environment.

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