How to Get ALL Latest News By Your Morning Coffee

How do you start your morning? I usually start mine by catching up on the latest news on Reuters, TechCrunch, Slashdot, GeekTime, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Business Insider, Hacker News and Gizmodo.

Long list, right? To be honest, it’s not even complete.

Following all these sources requires a lot of time. What’s more, as many of these sites are constantly updated with new articles, I found myself revisiting them throughout the day, just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

I had to find a better way to consume news and updates.

Thinking about it, I realized that when we browse a news website most people don’t read every article, but rather those with an interesting headline. 
 So I thought to myself –

‘How awesome would it be to have all the headlines posted in a single place?’

Outlining My Goals

My solution had to include these 4 things:

  1. Multiple sources.
  2. All the headlines in one place.
  3. Categorized view.
  4. Update notifications.

One Deck to Rule Them All — Get More Information in Less Time

If my experience as a developer has taught me anything, it’s that I should search for an existing solution before starting to develop something from scratch.

Twitter was my first try and it was the right direction, as it concentrated all the headlines from many different sources to a single place.

Unfortunately, I soon found out that tracking so many feeds could easily become a real mess and it didn’t really help much. I had to improve it even further.

After googling and playing around with TweetDeck, I had a solution that allowed me to organize all my news from this mess:

Into this, well-organized, real-time updated deck:

And it was so simple that I just had to share my experience.

How to Organize Your Own Feeds

1. Sign up for Twitter

NOTE: If you are already registered on Twitter, you can use your existing account without any modification to your subscriptions.

2. Sign-in to Tweetdeck by using your Twitter credentials:

3. Remove all existing columns by clicking on the sliders icon and then on the “Remove” button.

After removing all the columns, it should look like this:

4. Add new, categorized columns

i. Click on “Add column” and select “Lists”.

ii. If you don’t have any lists, click on “Create list”.

5. Give it a name such as “Tech”, decide whether or not you want to keep it private and click on “Save”.

6. Now, add any feed that you would like to follow within this category, such as TechCrunch, Slashdot etc.

7. When you finish click on “Done”.

That’s it! Repeat those steps to add more columns and you should have a beautifully organized deck like mine — in no time:

I have made my lists public so you can follow them if you want.


Using Twitter with Tweetdeck enabled me to easily achieve my goals:

  1. Following multiple news sources.
  2. Assembling all headlines on a single screen.
  3. Grouping sources into a categorized view.
  4. Receiving immediate notifications when there are updates.

Hooray for Efficient Time Management!

I personally found this to be a highly useful and convenient method for following news.

Does it work for you too? Do you have any other interesting advice for anyone looking to increase productivity? I would really like to hear your opinion and about your experience. Please let me know in the comment section below.


This post is not intended to promote Twitter / TweetDeck, but rather sharing my personal insights on improving productivity.