Rivetz Cybersecurity work with Blockchain

Rivetz launches a new product, namely RvT. RvT Is a decentralized Cyber security token fully integrated Which works to securely secure your secrets, passwords, keys and personal information. Rivetz works through A personal hardware “vault” on your phone that is completely independent of the operating system. Inside these safes, everything is isolated. So no app or software or operating system can see what’s inside.

Cyber Rivetz Security Token provides proof and security and privacy guarantees at the hardware level. Rivetz integrates trusted computing with blockchain technology to provide comprehensive privacy protection On some devices supported by RvT tokens.

RvT has the power to work with blockchain to cryptographically prove that the safe in your phone is safe, all the way from the manufacturer to your pocket. Blockchain RvT can perform a health check, verify that your safe integrity is intact, and that the transactions you send are exactly the way you want them.

This is an important moment in history. For the first time the device can be enabled with tamper-resistant hardware with attestability. This means security can now be measured at the transaction level and at the authentication level. Ensuring devices that help us work and play every day can keep our secrets safe and ensure that transactions are not changed.

RvT will be available through open token sales to the public. Token sales will begin on July 25, 2017 17:00 UTC

Sales Details Rvt Token:

Early Bird Bonus: 20%
Minimum Target $ 5,000,000 USD
Maximum amount: $ 50,000,000 USD
Max total supply RvT: 200,000,000 RvT
Max sold from crowdsale RvT: 70,000,000 RvT

* The RVT / ETH price will be set close to the crowdsale

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RvT security lies in hardware embedded in devices to completely secure device and customer transactions from being exposed, and protect software development firms from financial exposure and public embarrassment. It proves Attestation, Health and Integrity by binding the health and integrity of the device to a transaction.

Over the past year Rivetz has shown that the technology is widely applicable. The company prototype RvT security capabilities At the end of 2016 and actively integrate it into the project today. The system is compatible with over 2.5 billion outstanding devices and anywhere Intel and ARM processors can be found. The opportunity is real

And Rivetz ground breaking design runs in an unprecedented place to safely enable the execution of machine instructions in accordance with the owner’s policy. Rivets checks the status of the device before performing tasks eg, ‘connect to cloud’.

If the conditions match, then the task can proceed. If it does not match, the task will not be allowed. This is an important moment for decentralized cyber security by allowing devices to act on behalf of their owners to make purchases or sign contracts or any number of things. The use of pioneering technology is unlimited and provides an important part of the puzzle to secure the “Internet of Things” something about the Internet.

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