20 Jun 2017 🌅🍺

Does it look like gorgeous breakfast? This is leftovers last night dinners ;)

Today I woke up 6:30AM and started go-php-parser implementation. One month or over I have been continuing but still not soon to be end.

Here is the progress:

Parsing “expression” is almost finished. Next I plan to parsing block statements. (e.g, if, for, and more…)

I forgot taking the picture of lunch. Today’s lunch is curry udon.

Released minor feature. I received many change requests on the PR, then thanks to that we were able to release it without trouble.

This was the moment that we realize the worthy of code review :)

Chinese food is good. With beer 🍺

We often don’t know until releasing what we need to release. Why not? Why do we miss the necessary? I think this depends on the sense of responsibility of the team. In other words, it can be said individuals’ sense of responsibility. That’s why it becomes difficult as team members increase.