5 Jul 2017

About a month has passed since I started writing a diary in English. I didn’t expect to continue this attempt that started with a whim. I’m not very confidence as to whether English has improved or not (maybe not).

But I think I would be continued. I guess I know that this small thing is giving me the force that sticking to do anything.

Now I want to increase more vocabulary. It seems that it was written by junior high school students…

I don’t like extends as the OOP. I see oftenly that was used for extract a few same block statements.

But in my opinion, extends is for polymorphism whether not for extracting. Extended fields are also like the global definitions depending on how it is used.

We should extract some blocks as one class (package or module) if we want to. Dependency should to be injected for solving issues. This is called DI.

extends is for polymorphism. This is the point I thought.