12 Jul 2017 🌅

I woke up at 6AM. It’s been 12 days since I last commited my go-php-parser 😇 But I’m back this morning. This is great 🙌

This morning’s progress is here:

I supported anonymous function parsing.

Although I was aware of it, I wonder what does this implementation mean to. It is no longer inertia. But I’ll see this through for myself.

MVC design is most popular design of our web application. But MVC is quite difficult. Especially the model was very oftenly makes us to confusing.

What is the model? Sometimes the model was called what all of the others that are not controllers and views. Sometimes we get confused the model with the ORM. Difficulty is in here.

I think it’s good to be conscious that the layered architecture of DDD. I think that ORM is in infrastructure layer but model is in domain layer. These are clearly deferent but they are treated as if they are often the same. OK, I know that’s fine. But it is also difficult from here. There are a lot of choices. Wrap the ORM by the class? (Does it can be called model?) Or make the repository class? What about a JOIN queries? There are no answers. I think that it is necessary to know at least not the single point but the whole of application. Annoying 😕