Note: The links have since then been taken down, thank you!

Just a quick compilation of how we can help. It is by no means a thorough list; drop me a message if there’s anything I’ve missed, and I shall add it here. If possible, please check if it’s verified; now is not the time to be spreading false information.

If you’ve got a place to stay/know of anyone in need of shelter:

There’s a crowdsourced spreadsheet available.

Rescue: Add details to this form and view the details of those needing rescue on this sheet.

Shelter: If you are able to offer shelter or are in need of it, add details to this form and view the details of shelter available on this sheet.

You can also volunteer here.

If you have trouble using the form/sheets, or if you are a government authority, police, or associated with rescue and relief in any way, please get in touch so we can help you co-ordinate on Twitter. Here are our Twitter handles: @weshnoo, @sowmyarao_, @shrinivassg, @tvabhinav and @hatamurali.

Stayzilla and BIG FM are collaborating efforts for this purpose as well. If you can assist, call at O44–46946000.

RJ Syed Mohsin is compiling screenshots of individuals offering assistance. If you come across a lead, send a screenshot here.

If you were on the roads recently:

FloodMaps is a crowdsourced effort to map inundated roads in Chennai. To help planners and city authorities understand the flooding problem, contribute to the map here.

And here is another one.

[On that note, Genie is offering to recharge for people in need. Just tweet them at @thehellogenie if you know anyone who is unable to reach out to people due to insufficient balance.]

If you can donate:

EFI is putting together flood emergency kits to donate to those in low-lying areas. Put together bread/biscuits/bun, fresh water, clean blankets and towels, paracetamol, bananas, candles and matchboxes and drop it in one of the EFI collection points. Contact Gowthami Ashok at +91–9952890690.

Tribal Hearts is collecting contributions in the form of blankets, clothes, footwear etc. if you would like to donate, contact +91–9884075804 or +91–9841035249.

Rice, Dal, Tamarind, Salt et cetera are sought after. If you can donate, call Thanigai at +91–955126220, or Iyyapan at +9444915803.

RapidResponse is attempting to raise funds here: http://chennaifloods.ketto.org/helpchennai if you would rather contribute monetarily.


If you’re talking about this, please use the hashtag #ChennaiRains. The news channels are yet to pick the news up, and the hashtag trending will hopefully catch their attention.

Do not use the hashtag #ChennaiRainsHelp, unless you’re offering/in need of assistance.

If you know anyone in need of help, direct them to these:

Basic helpline numbers:

Treefall/Waterlogging — 1913

Sewage Overflow — 45674567

Handling poisonous reptiles — 22200335

Blue Cross — 9176025265

Power Failure — 1912

Private Boat Helpline and Rescue — 9445869843/47 , 09962634858

Army Helpline — 9840295100

There are a lot of hoax forwards being passed on. If you know other verified numbers, drop a message.