HDLD- Day 10

Went to the gym for a bit, but I did not do the second set of free weights (my arms needed a break today).

Treadmill- 16 min

Elliptical- 10 min

Hip adductor- 5 sets 15(75lbs)

FW- 1 set 15 reps in 5 positions(5lbs)

Arc trainer- 12 min

A craving was haunting me, so I decided to cheat a bit today and get fast food, which I’ve been trying to stay away from for health and political reasons. Before, I’d grab a meal or two a week through a window. I didn’t want to set myself back three days with one sandwich, so I got a grilled chicken sandwich, the small size fries and a small lemonade. After almost a month of eating only “slow” food(everything but bread cooked from raw ingredients), I’ve found I have lost my taste for the fast food. The chicken was bland & rubbery, the french fries were starchy & slimy at the same time, and a lemonade had so much sugar I ended up watering it down once I got home. I got three glasses out of one “small”. The rest of the afternoon I had the feeling of a brick coated with slugs in my stomach. This should make things a little easier in avoiding fast food; the next time I want french fries I’ll just make some at home.

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