How do Saudis finance extremism?

Rumba 1: Incubator (for Parkett no. 99) — Cao fei

It is one of these things that you strongly suspect but are good to see written and out in the media. Like the Panama papers. The outrage was funny to see as if we could not think of — oh my god!- politicians, football players and businessmen as owners of off-shore accounts. The same goes for this report about Foreign Funded Islamist Extremism in the UK reporting “on a growing body of evidence on the considerable impact that foreign funding has had on advancing Islamist extremism in Britain and other Western countries.” We know the role of Saudi Arabia in funding Wahhabi groups through foundations and scholarships, but it is rewarding to see the evidence, at least within Muslim communities of UK. For the 11 readers of this medium blog, you know that I will manage to tweak this into talking about Tunisia, and that’s what I am about to do: WHY DON’T WE DO SUCH REPORT IN TUNISIA? We know that all these Muslim charities mushrooming across the country are not financed by selling Tunisian cookies. Why don’t we try to show some evidence?
And who is financing the other side: the real seculars and humanists trying to protect reason, science and an open society? No one. No billions from Saudis, and no billions from the EU neither. It is like its out of date. The new trend is “moderate Islam”. Who should believe in secularism in Muslim societies anyways? Apparently, we are not “wired that way”.