How long it takes a new joiner to start taking bribes?

William Eggleston Southern Environs of Memphis Memphis — c. 1969–70

Dirty streets have been the constant reminder to Tunisians for the past six years that i) most of them are selfish and inherently do not care about public interest ii) the country is badly managed iii) they need extra cops to ensure a minimum of discipline. So a new police corps was born in June 2017, the “police of the environment”. We should salute this great initiative but the polluting vehicles they are using make it already quite odd. It should be a great case study though. How long does it take for a newly formed branch in Tunisia to start showing signs of corruption and bribe-taking. Who is the first to start? How many will follow? It is a bit similar to the adoption of a new product, in this case the 10 Dinar bill. Bets are open folks: 2 week? 2 months? eternally clean?

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