Three useful tips to shrink your political base

Herb Garden from Alan Cristea Gallery Twentieth Anniversary Portfolio

Listed below are few good practices for those seeking to shun their supporter base. It is inspired by the uniquely successful political parties in Tunisia. I hope you find it useful, and most importantly, you can do something with it. Let’s start:

Stand for nothing It is a bit contradictory for a political party , which justify their very existence by the ideas they wants to implement , but, be reassured, it is quite possible with some practice. Keep referring to your moderate positions, your centrist philosophy, ‘modern Tunisia’ and ‘open-minded Islam’. React inconsistently to events depending on your current alliances, your approval rating, and your next moves. Do your best not to offend anyone, to use a (hypocritical) neutral style, a consensual wording, while making sure to insert broad terms that are vaguely familiar to everyone, such as corruption, freedom and independence.

Recruit the elite: As you master the art of standing for nothing, your party loses it basic appeal, and hence, it becomes necessary to survive by relying on local and regional celebrities. In the absence of ideas and with a shrinking membership, the best strategy to carry on is to on-board few personalities that you deem compatible with your target voters. They could bring funding and votes through their networks, clout, and even personal wealth. The deals agreed with them stay secret, but the disgust felt toward the elite in most regions will help you shed a few more of your supporters. As these celebrities don’t depend on your structure and do not owe you anything, they usually leave the ship at the first difficulty that might threaten their political and business future. Moreover, recruiting those “champions” will send a clear message to your members that working within the party will achieve nothing. It is more effective to work outside of it and come back from the top. This disheartening message is usually quite effective in alienating and expelling more members.

Keep governance to the minimum: Unfortunately, you will have to follow some processes of democracy, but this can be done quite formally and need not tarnish your PR strategy. On the side, develop a culture of unquestioning loyalty and uncritical following. Promote a sense of exclusivity, secrecy, and importance around your party leaders. Take yourself seriously and never acknowledge any bad decisions or mistakes. This is sure to attract similar profiles. Together, you will successfully make your party more unpopular and less inclusive!

Once you become an empty political shell, you can consider merging your party with a new one. Chose one that will welcome your practices and that is happy to see his support shrinking too. Good luck.

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