Your ready-to-execute political program

VALIE EXPORT Body Politics 1974

You can find it here. It is the vision 2025 (note how we keep pushing by 5 years the long awaited Tunisian dream ; soon we will be just talking about Tunisia in 100 years like in some Soviet Russia’s propaganda ) prepared by the Tunisian Institute of Strategic Studies. If I am not mistaken, no English or Arabic version was prepared. In very short, this report recites again the same consensual policy measures that have been repeated thousands of times for the past 5 or 10 years on any TV channel or newspaper: education focusing on innovation, an economy open to all continents, stronger institutions etc. There is no bold choice or surprising action plan. That’s why politics in Tunisia are sort of boring, we all know what should be done. Our economy is not that complex and our problems are shared with another hundred of fellow southern lovely nations. However, if you have the original idea to start a new political party in Tunisia, you can skim through the report and quickly compose your own political program - ready to execute. Maybe add an ambitious plan to fight conspiracy theories, superstition and self-deception, if I may suggest you something, as it matters a lot to me. I can also join your newly formed group as an adviser, so we can have more lively discussions. Oh, and good luck with the execution, that’s the obvious bottleneck. The elephant in the room. Maybe we need an Tunisian Institution of Strategic Execution. Wait.. isn’t that the government?