A review of the numbers in the “Irish slaves” meme
Liam Hogan

This is a very interesting article, a few days ago I almost bought some of the books you are quoting from. I’m glad I didn’t.

Please correct the information regarding Phillip Welch. George Dell originally called him “Edward”, not “Andrew”, and he testified that his name was actually Phillip.

From: Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County, Massachusetts, Volume 2 (Google Books)

Here is the relevant passage in it’s entirety:

Bill of sale, dated, May 10, 1654, from George Dell,* master of

the ship Goodfellow, who “ sould unto Mr Samuell Symonds two

of the Irish youthes I brought over by order of the State of

England : the name of one of them is william Dallton : the other

Edward welch, to serue him,” etc., for the space of nine years, in

consideration of 26li. in merchantable corn or live cattle, before

the end of the following October. Wit : Georg Maning.*

“17th of May 1654.

“ Whereas in the writing aboue mentioned there was a pviso for

good assurance, and seing that the younger youth in the said

writing is called Edward, and that upon his arrivall at Ipswch such

as doe well understand his language doe say he owneth his name

to be Philip, And whereas divers english are put out apprentices

who at the end of their terme are older then he wilbe ; and for

incouragment of his master in teaching him what he conceive may

doe him good, and that it wilbe tyme soon enough to goe out of

service & betake himself to mannage a family, It is agreed be

tween the abovesaid George Dell and mr Samuell Symonds as followeth

That two yeares more are added to the Terme of the said

Philip who in the writing above is called Edward welch which

maketh it eleven yeares from the day of the date thereof. And

the said Samuell doth hereby accept of both the said youthes as

having good assurance.” Signed by George Dell.* Wit : Joseph

S[we]tt,* Joseph * and Georg Maning.*