Why you need an EDC (Everyday Carry) Kit

The importance of an EDC..

An EDC, also known as an everyday carry is a set of gear you carry with you at all times when outdoors. These are the items that could get you out of a fix, that could save lives, prevent incidents and most importantly give you assurance that you’re prepared for whatever comes your way. We live in a world full of danger, from cities to the great outdoors, theres unpredictable threats, situations and incidents occuring on a daily basis. Being prepared for them is extremely important.

Lets put things into perspective.. and my personal experiences

You could be heading out of town on a road trip, or heading back home on a late night. You could be trapped in a drowning car or a get stuck in a fire at the office.

Or even the slightest instances where you’ve got to find something in a badly lit area outdoors or in your home/vehicle. Or you’ve got to cut some cloth to cover up a wound.

You’re probably thinking such incidents are highly unlikely. But they do happen don’t they?

Having a tool in your pocket or bag could be the difference between survival and loss of life.

Situational possibilities are endless. I personally use my EDC at least once a day, from cutting gels to rope on a film shoot, to tightening a lose screw, to providing light during a power failure. On more extreme situations, Ive had to perform first aid multiple times, perform a perimeter search in extreme darkness and engage in self defence combat.

Why I carry what I carry..

It all began in 2010, I travelled to Kenya, to shoot my first feature documentary. In the process, I wound up in a rusty manhole resulting in injury, tetanus shots and several doctors appointments. This not only delayed production, but also upped costs. All due to one thing, unpreparedness. I was walking blind, no flashlight, no multitool, nothing at all. I almost lost my life that night and I learnt a lesson the hard way. From there on, I walk around prepared and ready to face almost any situation.

This isn’t a gimmick. Its about preparedness for when something does go wrong. I guarantee you, you wont only be using your gear when in distress. You’ll be amazed by the amount of times you’ll be using your EDC day to day.

Basically, you’ve got to be able to cut something, break glass, illuminate an area, spark/burn something, jot down notes in any condition and tie something down at any given time. Thats your EDC in play.

An EDC can be anything, a small pouch, backpack, items in your pocket, the options are endless.

What’s in an EDC?

EDC’s vary from person to person. The very basics should include a high lumen capacity tactical flashlight. A sharp durable stainless steel tactical knife (preferably with open assist). A tactical pen with a carbide glass breaker. A survival bracelet/paracord bracelet. All these items easily fit in a pocket, purse or backpack/pouch.

Extra additions for a backpack/purse/pouch could go as far as ferro/magnesium rods for fire sparking (often available in tactical pens too), first aid kit, signalling mirror, lighter, notepad, extra batteries, whistle and a lot more. It all depends on what you do and where you’re headed.

It’s very simple. The most minimal EDC fits in a pocket. Small enough to fit anywhere, big enough to put you out of a fix.
Don’t regret a situation, be prepared for it and face it like a champion.

MY EDC — Pocket & On Wrist

Leatherman Signal, Knife + Multitool — Pocket

Leatherman Squirt PS4, Knife + Multitool — Keychain

Leatherman Tread, Bracelet Multitool — Wrist

Survival Straps Custom Tactical Bracelet — Wrist

Streamlight ProTac 2AA Flashlight — Pocket / Backpack

SOG Trident Elite Tactical Knife — In Car / Pocket (Backup)

MY EDC — BackPack + Home

ABA Xtreme® XT Level IIIA Kevlar Body Armour — In BackPack / Home

ThruNite TN11S V2 Flashlight — In Car / BackPack

ThruNite TN12 Flashlight — In Home

Streamlight ProTac HL3 Flashlight — In Home (BackUp)

Morakniv Companion Knife x 2 — In Car and BackPack

Morakniv Bushcraft Orange Knife x 2 — Speciality Use / Hike Kit

Schrade SCHF26 Tactical Knife

Schrade SCHF 30 Tactical Knife

Schrade SCHF 9 Tactical Knife

Schrade SCHF 37 Tactical Knife

CRKT M16 Tanto Tactical Knife

Swissarmy SwissChamp Multitool — In Car

Gerber Bear Grylls Fire Starter — In BackPack / Daily Carry

Schrade Tactical Pen

UZI Tactical Pen w/ Handcuff Key — In BackPack / Daily Carry

Chums Survival Bracelet — In BackPack / Daily Carry

CRKT Para-Saw Bracelet

Sawyer Products Pocket First Aid Kit — In Home & Car

Adventure Medical Kits — Backpacker Series — In Car

Disclaimer: Before purchasing any tool, knife, flashlight, etc. Inquire about local laws. Some items could be illegal in your country, province or city of residence. Flying/Travelling with some items could be highly illegal and could result in prosecution or confiscation of items.

I hope this was helpful. For specifics and product recommendations feel free to email me > shoot@hatim.photo

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