Today is my birthday again. I have celebrated 17 birthdays so i call this one “again”. How do i feel now? Um i dont know but well it is not the same as those previous ones. I mean when you become mature, you are not anger for your birthday anymore. You are afraid of getting one year older and above all, one step nearer to the death. What will it be like when you havent made your dream come true and you are dead? I am really scared. I was so depressed about my past. I guess that feeling still stays in my heart but my mind is stronger. I believe in the parallel world and still hope in that world, i am truly happy and successful. But wish is just wish. This is the real world. So you have to struggle everyday to be yourself, to figure out what your dream is, to satisfy everyone (but sometimes forget to satisfy your only self), and to be great. Life sounds hard but beautiful as always ☺

I will love myself much more and live with both bravery and compassion.

Thank you, my life. For always teaching me everything and amazing me all the time =))) haha love you love everyone in my life ♡♥

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