Hat Styles and Trends for the Next 4 Seasons

I attend a trend insights presentation bi-annually, so I can stay up to date with the hat styles and fashion details the public will want to wear in upcoming seasons. We’re always working several seasons ahead so we can meet manufacturing deadlines in time for the influx of fashion needs.

Today, I’m going to give you a quick recap for the Autumn/Winter 2016 and Spring/Summer 2017 seasons.

There are four overarching style trends for each season.

Autumn/Winter 2016

The first style for A/W ’16 has a sense of do-it-yourself originality. The graphics consist images that appear hand-drawn. The fabrics are vintage, distressed, textured, and frayed. Tie-dyed materials and the bohemian style are big influences.

The second trend of A/W ’16 has a color palette consisting or soft pastels mixed with earth tones. Textures and patterns reflect that of clouds, marble, wood, rock, earth, etc. The whole feel of this trend is peaceful, relaxing, and inspired by nature.

The third style for A/W ’16 has a sense of retro pop art. Think Campbell’s Soup cans. Geometric shapes, stripes and pixelated patterns are prominent with a brighter, neon-inspired take on traditional primary colors.Space

The final trend of A/W ’16 is vintage inspired with a futuristic feel. There are metallic gold and silver embellishments, mixed with tribal patterns. Military styles and patches are incorporated with camouflages. Black and olive are blended with brighter colors. Leather look-alikes and matte finishes are common.Space

Spring/Summer 2017

The first style for S/S ’17 is full of sharply contrasted patterns and textures that easily stand out. Having a pre-internet feel, this style pulls from the early 1980s. Pixelated designs and grainy geometric shapes are common.Space

The second trend of S/S ’17 finds the middle ground between old-money prep, edgy urban, and simple rural lives. The color scheme is very earthy with lots of tans and greens. The trend has a city meets prairie feel about it.

The third style for S/S ’17 pulls from cultures all over the world. Sunny stripes and sandy influences drawn from Asia are prevalent. Floral beach patterns and native tribal patterns are widely used. Vacation-friendly fabrics transition easily from daytime lounging to nightlife. The color pallet ranges from deep ocean blues to bright rainforest inspired colors.

The final trend of S/S ’17 has a very zen, calming feel. Both black and white are very prominent with some cool pastels and metallic blends throughout. Simple lines, minimal shadows, and abstract graphics are used. Activewear apparel and sports such as golf, tennis, and fencing are large influences on design.

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