My name is Hattie. Is that your real name? Yes it is. Have you ever met another Hattie? Yes, but usually I hear stories about them.

My grandmother’s name was Hattie.

My great-Aunt’s name was Hattie.

Hattie! Hattie’s a black girls name! As told to my mother by a reporter at a Madonna concert back in 1989.

My great-Aunt was a descendant from Washington Carver’s plantation.

It’s a name shrouded in Southern history. It was one of the most popular names in 1899. My dad’s cousin is Hattie and my great-grandmother is Hattie Smith Higginbotham Lindsley Stewart. Her mother was Hattie as well.

I love hearing different people’s accounts and I’m going to start listing the Hattie references here.