By Basil Malaki

In context, ‘Hatua’ is a Swahili word meaning, ‘taking steps, taking initiative; the word could also mean, ‘taking action’.

Hatua Project is driven by a vision to actively engage citizens to take responsibility from the government in identifying key governance challenges and innovating reasonable and viable governance solutions using technology to help address the identified solutions in close collaboration with government institutions and leaders, relevant policy makers and influencers, the media among other channels that could be used to drive change from the grassroot level to the most urban areas that are deemed to be more advantaged…

By Ashnah Kalemera |

Sandra Kitenge, a student of Mbezi High School, is determined to bridge the gender gap in technology in Tanzania. Having benefited from the Apps and Girls programme that empowers girls with computer literacy and coding-for-change skills, she sought avenues through which she could contribute to amplifying grassroots voices as part of electoral processes in Tanzania. The solution: an idea for a mobile app known as Tujibu (Swahili for “answer us”) through which grassroots communities can interact with leaders on their manifestos so they can make informed election decisions.

Alongside her studies, Sandra has since 2015 conceptualised…

By Basil Malaki

If you are registered to any one of the mainstream social media platforms such as Facebook, Snap-chat and Instagram, distinguishing employees from employers based on the content they post on social media is not so strenuous.

Most employees post ´cute´ pictures by the beach, at multi — star hotels, the ‘hanging out with my favorite people’ kind of images with captivating motivational and/or inspirational quotes commonly by Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Mahatma Gandhi etcetera; very smart quotes, they always appear to be on top of the world flying to and from destination X,Y and Z, commanding cult-blind followers…

Unemployment is possibly the worst state of adulthood. On the other hand, most employed people will certainly argue that employment is not the best alternative to achieving one´s life goals, finding satisfaction and happiness in life, however, you are better off employed at a job that sucks; it’s much more fulfilling than having no job to learn from, fail and iterate.

Forging a working relationship with employers is never a romantic affair, most employees can relate to this; if you want a miserable — happy life, wait until you land on your ´dream´ job managed by a shitty boss.



Imeandikwa na Jamal Magabilo

Mtaa wa uwanja wa Taifa ni mtaa kati ya mitaa inayopatikana kata ya Miburani wilayani Temeke., mtaa huu uliwai kupata tuzo mwaka jana kupitia shindano la usafi wa mitaa ambapo uliibuka mshindi wa kwanza kwenye kata hiyo. Mtaa huu ufanya mikutano ya maendeleo ya mtaa kila baada ya muda kwajili ya kuwapa nafasi ya wanafasi wananchi kuongea kero zao kwa serikali na lakini pia kupata fursa mbalimbali kutoka kwa wageni kutoka kwenye taasisi na kampuni mbalimbali.

Tarehe 9 Dec, 2016 Serikali ya Mtaa huu…

Entry level job
Public Relations Lead


We are looking for a smart, tech savvy, highly creative PR practitioner who is up with the very latest devices and gets a buzz out of working on the most cutting edge, innovative technology to work with a team of like minded, forward thinking, aspirational individuals.

You will be responsible for developing exciting and proactive PR strategy and driving awareness of the ground breaking products we have developed.

You will certainly have a track record in creating evocative campaign strategy and in driving awareness for fast moving, mobile technology in line with consumer…

Written by Basil Malaki

Dar es Salaam, a city once referred to as ‘the residence of peace’ has lived upto the pomp and glamor of its identity since independence to date. In the vast East African region, the economic growth of Dar es Salaam city over the last decade is remarkably recognized as a regional and Pan-African fastest growing city.

‘The African Development Bank reports in Tracking Africa’s Progress in Figures that Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s largest city and the country’s trading hub, will outpace all other African cities in growth between 2010 and 2025, followed by Nairobi, Kenya; Kinshasa…

‘Chukua Hatua’ campaign endorsed by COSTECH Director General, Dr Hassan Mshinda

Written by Basil Malaki

‘Can the government use crowdsourcing of information to obtain data for a better understanding of how medical products are consumed to better control medical supplies shortage in Tanzania?’, this was a question posed by one of the participating groups from the last technology for governance stakeholder meetup held by the Hatua Project at Buni Hub.

Written by Vanessa Kisowile

I would like to begin by answering this particular question, “Is civic tech in anyway a solution?”

I think civic tech has the potential of being a solution but there are a number of factors that accelerate civic tech’s impact in the society.

Knowing that civic tech is not new at all, yet it is a trending and growing concept in governance, public development and social services areas. I am of the opinion that the civic tech concept is not a new concept because the concept came after the failure of the widespread belief that technology…

Reflection by Basil Malaki & Jacqueline Dismas

In order for Hatua Project to realize its 2016/2017 goals, we’ve had to integrate different development visions to our strategic implementation plan to align with some national and international goals such as: The Five Year Development Plan (FYDP) — Tanzania, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as well as the Tanzanian Citizen Budget 2015/2016.

Hatua Project recently re-visited Sima village, Sengerema to update the community on the progress of the on-going solution development of the identified problems we pointed out during our first visit to Sengerema: Hatua Project: Taking Innovative Steps towards Advancing Citizen…

Hatua Project

Hatua Project is an initiative aimed at taking innovative steps towards advancing citizen engagement in good governance

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