Introducing Crypto Credit Swaps

Crypto Risk Management, evolved.

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The CCS Coin (Crypto Credit Swaps ) is not just another coin — it is a hybrid financial product that introduces a brand new way of transferring the risk inherent to keeping positions open in today’s volatile and unpredictable markets.

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This delightful new way of transferring risk exposure to another party will appeal to the insurance and the finance industries. Institutional investors finally have a way of mitigating risk within the crypto markets.

The buyer of CCS, wishing to transfer risk on high-stakes positions, pays a quarterly premium to the seller of CCS until a maturity date, in order to insure his position in the markets. In the event the buyer experiences a catastrophic event, such as a margin call, the seller makes the commitment to pay the value of the insured coin or token.

It is important to note that risk is not eliminated but simply transferred to another party, in this instance the seller of CCS.

The coins themselves, through a simple mechanism, are insured against the risk of loss. How? A shadow (“shadow CCS”) is generated at the time of minting on a private chain and should a buyer lose access to his wallet or his keys, then he will be able to swap these shadow CCS for real CCS. This form of protection (protection by design) comes at absolutely no cost to the buyer.

What exactly can be insured using the CCS? Bitcoin, Ethereum, as well as lesser known coins (altcoins).

The agreement itself, between the buyer and the seller, is signed and deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain using OpenLaw, a radical legal solution that simplifies and streamlines the legal aspect of the risk transfer procedure.

This is what you have been waiting for. Finally. Crypto Credit Swaps are available today and provide traders, institutions with a brand new way of transferring risk.

Traders or institutions wishing to insure high-stakes positions are encouraged to contact CCS sellers.

Coin Specifications:

Type: ERC20
Decimals: 18
Name: Crypto Credit Swap
Total supply: 100 000 000
Smart contract address: 0x049b8a66fe1bf8be509d5c454c83547c4f0c1190

CCS is currently available on Ethermium, LedgerDex and Token Jar.

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