Brand or Re-brand Your Edtech Startup

The current Trinket logo and tagline. If you don’t like them, well maybe you should skip this post ☺

Battle of the Brands

Blackboard: heavy, ubiquitous, strong.
Canvas: lightweight, open, full of possibility
Codecademy: Respected, canonical, useful, transformative.
Treehouse: fun, social, playful, alive.

Igor is Your Guide

Edtech brands, categorized into Functional, Invented, Experiential and Evocative and rated by how effectively they enhance the product or company’s position in the space. Apologies if you’re a founder of a brand we rated lowly! Please take our subjective rating of brands with a grain of salt and consider making your own with the template below.
Inkling: clever, alive, liquid, dynamic, new

EduWho? ClassWhat? CodeHuh?

Why Trinket?

How We Made Trinket

The trinket logo. Effective and evocative? We think so. If you don’t, keep it to yourself ☺
A hero doin his thing. Is your brand the hero, the treasure, or the magical sword?

Good luck!



CEO @trinketapp. Helping bring code to a classroom near you.

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