Holi night

I can never sleep on the night of Holi. Being doused in colour and having bath after it somehow pulls some plug in my head. The world slows down and all those uncomfortable questions, stored in the locker of the unanswered, creep back into consciousness. Not just existential questions like-Who am I, What’s the purpose of life, but even the annoying analytical ones like Why did X say this? And the hypothetical ones- If I had done this, then would X have done that? This is a peculiar Holi night problem. The existential questions often scare themselves back into the locker. The analytical ones cant be analysed dispassionately and are hence, after much torture, are dismissed. The hypothetical ones are the worst. The often lead to a whole dialectic before dawn. The answer always is another question such as What next? Can we really cut our losses, and of the worst answer of em all- Whom can you really trust? Usually over morning coffee, I come up with an answer just to satisfy myself. Then, sleep deprived, I usually try to do something that seems impossible- like turning on the light switch by hitting it with a crumpled pillow cover from 3 metres away. I invariably succeed (or is it an illusion my mind plays to keep me motivated enough to survive till the next Holi)

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