Why I chose Bulgaria for my professional development

Almost a decade since I left my home, my Bulgaria. Ten years of ups and downs, trips to all corners of the world, long nights and even longer days. I left because I wanted to experience different cultures and I’m coming back to see ours from a different perspective.

Over the last several years I’ve been noticing a change in the way Bulgarians do business. The penetration of the Internet, the change in values and culture among the newly-mature youth, prompted me to seek a return. I am actually excited and look forward to meeting the bright, energetic individuals who are the future of my beloved homeland.

It seems to me that the cultural eccentricity of generations gone by and the proliferation of technology and global communications are affecting the current environment in a positive way. This mix of old and new is exactly what makes Bulgaria so attractive. Sure, many focus on the negatives but I choose not to. I have worked with many a company and am excited to explore the nuances of this new and evolving business mentality. Is it corporate or casual? Is it rigid or is creativity rewarded? These are some of the questions I hope to find answers to.

In the end, I can’t ignore the fact that a balanced life is important to me. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy ultra-fast internet connection while being surrounded by nature? The quality of the infrastructure has improved so much that it’s hard not to see the potential. And, the potential is seen by many successful startups and equally daring entrepreneurs.

The country I once left to experience the unknown is now, as cheesy as it sounds, ready for me. Most importantly, however, I’m ready. It’s an exciting new world and, frankly, I want to be a part of it.