Me sitting quietly and listening and not providing any comments upfront appeared as though I had nothing to say. Little did they know, I was taking in all that was being said. Jotting down all of my points, weighing the pros and cons and more importantly, coming up with other solutions and alternatives for ideas that I didn’t think would work. I earned the respect of my peers and of senior management as well.
Great read, indeed.
Kellie Robinson

Thanks for providing your experience! Yes, I did this too .. I may have been quiet but I was furiously capturing every note, adding ideas and questions as I went. I was assessing all that info, defining the problems, drafting up solutions, but no one could tell that’s what I was doing. Silence is so misleading! That’s why I advocate speaking up *and* I advocate managers to take note of these different communication styles so that they don’t jump to wrongful assumptions.

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