Step-by-Step Guide: Become an Excellent Interaction Designer

This article doesn’t really tell me anything. It does a good job summarizing Bob Baxley’s breakdown of an interaction designer but I did not get anything out of this. The 4 steps consist of very broad and deeply involved activities that don’t explain how they enhance your interaction design skills. How will blogging make me a better interaction designer? And what am I blogging about? Where do I write? Do I need to build an audience or what? How do I use this to allow me to think more thoroughly about how an interface behaves? Communicate with users and colleagues. How do you determine who the users are? What tools should I use? What questions do I ask? How do I make the most efficient use out of my session with the user? Are you talking about direct communication with the user, moderated observations, analyzing user data, or are you talking about the copy, images, and interactions that communicate with the user? Code? Why should one dilute their knowledge to pursue another trade? Maybe there is a good reason, but you make no attempt to explain it. Is it to understand the wide variety of states one UI element could have? Is it to better understand logic? Is it to better understand the framework?

This article needs a lot more substance.

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